10 Interesting Facts

  • 5 October 2021
  1. 70% of students admit to having used 'Copy and Paste' at least once.
    Students, especially those in the late teens and early 20s, are well-known for their need to plagiarize. Whether it’s from friends, the internet, or other sources, research has shown that 70% of students have copied and pasted at least once. In fact, 90% of high school and college students do it.

  2. People plagiarize for many reasons.
    When it comes to why students plagiarize, it’s usually because of time or lack of knowing how to cite sources properly. Teachers have also found that plagiarizing students usually do so because they want the easy way out.
  1. While 90% of students plagiarize, another 10% admit to having submitted someone else’s paper as their own.

  2. Students have had teachers fail them for plagiarism.
    Students have found themselves being failed by teachers for plagiarism. Whether it’s intentional or accidental, it can have serious consequences on a student’s grades.
  1. Helps found more than 600,000 plagiarism instances.

  2. Grammarly is a team of 600+ people.

  3. 800+ universities, colleges, and high schools use Grammarly.

  4. Checked over 30,000 government websites.

  5. Grammarly supports 15+ languages.

  6. Grammarly’s AI technology is based on machine learning.

  7. Over 68,000 paying customers.

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